Grab Your Tiara - The Metal Princess Has Returned

August 26, 2014

We couldn’t miss another week, so the podcast has returned with our favorite Metal Princess, T-Squared.  Lis to this week’s Woman Crush of the Week and Teresa brings her own Women Crush of the Week.  Yes, she has multiple fierce women to share with you. 

This week we have some serious music love and we share some practical advice. 

We have a little fun with Ring Pops!








NATTY WATTERS Can Do SO much with 48 Hours

August 11, 2014

Natty Watters is back and she has a complete rundown on the 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT.  I have never heard of it, so I find this to be quite interesting.  Making a complete movie over the weekend.  Fascinating!!

Week three - Woman Crush of the Week – Emma Watson, actress/activist.  What makes her so fierce?!

Jason Aldean Reacts to Criticism, Defends Relationship With Brittany Kerr - What is your opinion? 

What do Women Really Want: 4 Things Every Woman Needs In A Relationship


Her Keyboard Boobs Fire Up The Masses

August 4, 2014

Stress at work happens, but Carrie and I both need to work on making sure the stress isn’t brought home to our Misters.

Carrie’s a phenomenal writer, so what is the latest with her blog?  What does she think of Fifty Shades of Grey?!  I was shocked. 

Week two of our Woman Crush of the Week.  Who are your fierce women you think we should be paying attention to?

A Sharpie, duct tape, candle wax and more can help us when fashion turns its back on us.  What are your fashion emergency fixes?

We don’t have time for FAKENESS – so we break down the differences between real and fake… women.
I am booking guest hosts for September.  Do you want to be a part of the fun?  Let me know!!