Carrie McCloud - No Boyfriend In My Purse

February 28, 2016

Carrie McCloud is my co-host on the latest podcast. 

Listen in the various topics we discuss and join in by commenting below or on our Facebook.
Find Carrie's blog at
Cheers and have a great week!

No Snakes In My Green Beans with T-Squared

February 22, 2016

T-Squared has returned and we talk music, beauty, snakes and green beans.  Listen in and join the fun. 

Cheers and have a great week.  

Ladies Helping Ladies

February 4, 2016

Tara from La Lovely Vintage is back.  We talk football and his girl knows her stuff!  

Her store front will be opening soon.  Join Tara at a Succulent Class soon!!
Cheers and have a great week!!!!