Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

07/08/2013 – Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

July 8, 2013

07/08/2013 – Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine


After July 4th, this weekend seemed a bit strange.  Having Thursday off… going back to work Friday… then hitting the weekend on Saturday.  If you didn’t have to work on Friday, we are so jealous of you.  Four July 4th, Ashley discusses eating her weight in guacamole.  Janet rocked out to Honkytonk Voodoo ( on Friday while Ashley got her party on Saturday and Janet realized that she is horrible at trivia.  Thanks to Ashley, Janet and her boyfriend discovered some amazing bbq on Sunday. 


Which Hollywood hottie wants to have a big family with his hottie wife?  Either way we are so jealous!!


What movie kicked booty this weekend?  We talk about the box office and what we think you should see.


Mondays suck and Mondays after a holiday suck even worse.  We go through a list of ways to make your Monday sparkle… just a little. 


If you are with a guy that has any of the ten traits we discuss this week, it’s time to move on. 


Papa Jim is doing good… but he and Ashley need to work on their phone style. 


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