Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

I Want Jennifer Aniston’s Body

August 12, 2013

I Want Jennifer Aniston’s Body
Two…Errr… One?! Ashley is on the mend and so Janet sits down and tries to deliver your dose of girls stuff, wine, entertainment news, movie news, and much more.
Cinderella on Saturday… Batman on Sunday.  That is a summary of Janet’s weekend.  Listen in and hear what made her weekend so crazy, but crazy fun.
Janet announces the winner of our “You’re Next” screening contest from last week.  Did you win?!?  Listen in. 
“We Are The Millers” debuted at the box office this last weekend.  It didn’t top the box office numbers, but Janet gives you her review…. “I want Jennifer Aniston’s body!”  Listen in and hear her review… Do you agree?
IPSY… what is Ipsy and why is it a great idea for women and why should men know what Ipsy is?  Janet goes over her August Ipsy bag…. You will want to sign up.  I promise.
Justin Bieber..Naked with his guitar…. For his…. Grandma?! 
Are Miranda and Blake going to load up the tour bus together?!?!  Janet might be dreaming… but it could happen. 
Amanda Bynes update…. Is she getting better or is she too far gone?
We may be missing the Two Girls, but Janet goes through a list of 7 Fixes For Common Undergarment Malfunctions.
Women are vain…. There is a new way that women are getting their desired curves.  Janet discusses this very dangerous trend.  Something to avoid, for sure. 
Today – Monday is a great day… Happy Vinyl Record Day!!!  Janet gives some history about this not-so-publicized holiday. 
Janet and Ashley are getting older… kind of.  Janet goes over some less than traditional clues that you are becoming an adult. 

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