Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Laugh So Hard, You Cry Down Your Leg – T-Squared

September 26, 2014

Babies Be Boomin’ in Hollywood, so if you are headed that way, stay away from the water.  Who is expecting a little bundle of joy? 

Kanye West is the King of Controversy – What did he do now?

What has T-Squared been up to?

#Woman Crush of the Week – Who are you crushing on because they are fierce and represent women with nothing but grace and power.

I wanted to share with you the Fashion Must Haves for Fall 2014.  So many places have so many different opinions.  I finally settled on Refinery 29’s list, but feel free to share your favs for the new season.

Even if you aren’t ready to say goodbye to Fall, it’s here.  Let’s embrace it with some PSL, boots, and some great Bath and Body Work candles.

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