Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

NOW HIRING – Calling all my lady friends!!!

July 1, 2014

It's been a couple of weeks since we have had a new podcast.  Ashley has been traveling and her new job has been keeping her crazy busy, so she will be on the podcast less frequently.  So - WE ARE HIRING!!  Calling all of my lady friends!!!  If you are free on Tuesday nights at 5:30 p.m. and would be able to come over to the house to sit down with me and chat with a microphone in your face - let me know -!


Steve is in Alaska for work and it seems miserably cold, especially for July 1st.  I love the warm weather and sunshine.  I prefer to head closer to the equator for my trips.  Some Canadians did just that and we should be so thankful.  There are some Hollywood hotties that came from the colder world of Canada.  Who are they - I have them for you!

Talk about sheltered. You aren't going to believe how little travel experience I had in my life until I hit my twenties.  Do you know anyone that is sheltered like me?  Share their story with me. 

Confidence - it makes a world of difference.  I struggle with self-confidence so I thought we could all walk a little taller with some simple things we can do to build our self-confidence.

Big Brother is BACK!!  Listen to my recap after the first week.  Are you following along?  Who's your fav?  Who needs to go?  I am not shy about my opinion. 

Under the Dome is back, baby!!  I will have to tell you more about that next week.  I am an early sleeper.

If you aren't shy and want to be my guest co-host - email me at, or message me on Facebook. 

See you next week!! 



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