Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine
Killer Drummer in the HOUSE – Kristen Miller!!

Killer Drummer in the HOUSE – Kristen Miller!!

July 29, 2014

What has the former producer of Two Girls and a Bottle of Wine been up to?

Kristen is a television star... kind of.  We will be posting a link to her Subaru commercial on the Facebook page.

#Trevors1030Challenge on Instagram.... what is it?  Listen in and you will want to participate in the fun!

What have The Hits been up to?  New stuff coming and you can check out some new music from them on the Facebook page.

A brand new feature for the Podcast - Woman Crush of the Week where me and my guest talk about a woman we feel sets to standards high when it comes to being fierce. 

Deodorant FAIL is the worst kind of fail.  I recently went through the trauma, so here is some help for you.   SO many choices – what to avoid and what works. 

I am booking guest hosts for September.  Do you want to be a part of the fun?  Let me know!!

My SOA Sister in Podcast Fun – NATTY WATTERS

My SOA Sister in Podcast Fun – NATTY WATTERS

July 22, 2014

Natty Watters joins me today as my co-host.  We talk about movies and her love of independent and abstract entertainment from the French. 

“Boyhood” hits theaters this weekend and we talk about this movie and I give it my Hot Pink Star rating.  Filming a movie over 12 years – how did it turn out?

Taco Bell is rolling out a HEALTHIER menu.  We talk about the new options but will it be easy to switch from the Beefy Five Layer Burrito?

Adam Levine got married but is he that sexy.  Who is hotter?!  The best thing about his wedding is when you hear who officiated and what music event took place.

We haven’t talked about Fifty Shades of Grey in a while, so how about an update and who is teasing us with small clips from the upcoming movie?!

Think about all the things you had to deal with as a child and due to technology or progression in life – your children won’t ever know.  We talk about some.

If you want to be my co-host – NOW HIRING – I have dates available for the end of August and September.  Pass this on to your friends and family.  You just need to be available to come to Parker on Monday or Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.  We will sit and chat and have a whole lotta fun.  Email me at

T-Squared Stops By To Sip Wine and Vodka

T-Squared Stops By To Sip Wine and Vodka

July 15, 2014

A Rock Goddess that Fries People's Faces Off - Teresa Terry stops by this week.  I prefer to call her T-Squared. 

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting their first child. 

My review of the movie Sex Tape and my love for Cameron Diaz.

It's no news that Colorado legalized marijuana this year, but you won't believe how much they are on track to sell in one year. 

Juicy Couture has officially shut down all of it US stores, so we walk down the Juicy memory lane of words on the booty.

Corpses are flying around in PA - put yourself in the shoes of motorists when a corpse goes rolling down the road.

If Selfies weren't enough... now we have selfie sticks.

We talk about our bad habits and some bad habits we all probably have. 

Thank you, Teresa Terry for stopping in this week.  We will see you soon.

If you want to be a guest co-host on the podcast let me know.

Welcome, the Vodka Stiletto Princess

Welcome, the Vodka Stiletto Princess

July 7, 2014

The Vodka Stiletto Princess, Carrie McCloud is the special guest this week.  I was quite surprised to find out that she is not a Hollywood stalker, like me.  She didn’t even know who Ryan Seacrest was until he built a studio at her work.  So, why is there a Ryan Seacrest studio where she works?

We became friends through Facebook and today is the actual first time we have ever met.  So we must talk about our favorite Social Media and taking a break from Facebook.

Couples that Sleep naked, tend to be happier.  For real? 

I had my first Voodoo Donuts experience this last weekend and it wasn’t a great experience, but Carrie has been a couple of times and we both share our stories.  Have you fallen in love with Voodoo?!

Carrie is a Colorado native and I am from Missouri.  Both states have some pretty outrageous laws that you probably don’t know about.  It seems each state has their own craziness in the law books.  In which state is it illegal to serve pretzels and beer at the same time?  We will fill you in. 

Even if you haven’t been to a music festival, I am sure you have found yourself at a place (concert, gatherings, etc.) where you have made some new friends.  A place is making it easier to connect with those randoms you meet at such places.  Find out how.   

Thank you so much, Carrie for joining me today.  I know you will be back soon. 

If you want to sit in as a guest host, please email me at
I have some fun guests coming up and I want everyone to join the party. 

NOW HIRING – Calling all my lady friends!!!

NOW HIRING – Calling all my lady friends!!!

July 1, 2014

It's been a couple of weeks since we have had a new podcast.  Ashley has been traveling and her new job has been keeping her crazy busy, so she will be on the podcast less frequently.  So - WE ARE HIRING!!  Calling all of my lady friends!!!  If you are free on Tuesday nights at 5:30 p.m. and would be able to come over to the house to sit down with me and chat with a microphone in your face - let me know -!


Steve is in Alaska for work and it seems miserably cold, especially for July 1st.  I love the warm weather and sunshine.  I prefer to head closer to the equator for my trips.  Some Canadians did just that and we should be so thankful.  There are some Hollywood hotties that came from the colder world of Canada.  Who are they - I have them for you!

Talk about sheltered. You aren't going to believe how little travel experience I had in my life until I hit my twenties.  Do you know anyone that is sheltered like me?  Share their story with me. 

Confidence - it makes a world of difference.  I struggle with self-confidence so I thought we could all walk a little taller with some simple things we can do to build our self-confidence.

Big Brother is BACK!!  Listen to my recap after the first week.  Are you following along?  Who's your fav?  Who needs to go?  I am not shy about my opinion. 

Under the Dome is back, baby!!  I will have to tell you more about that next week.  I am an early sleeper.

If you aren't shy and want to be my guest co-host - email me at, or message me on Facebook. 

See you next week!! 



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