Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Welcome, the Vodka Stiletto Princess

July 7, 2014

The Vodka Stiletto Princess, Carrie McCloud is the special guest this week.  I was quite surprised to find out that she is not a Hollywood stalker, like me.  She didn’t even know who Ryan Seacrest was until he built a studio at her work.  So, why is there a Ryan Seacrest studio where she works?

We became friends through Facebook and today is the actual first time we have ever met.  So we must talk about our favorite Social Media and taking a break from Facebook.

Couples that Sleep naked, tend to be happier.  For real? 

I had my first Voodoo Donuts experience this last weekend and it wasn’t a great experience, but Carrie has been a couple of times and we both share our stories.  Have you fallen in love with Voodoo?!

Carrie is a Colorado native and I am from Missouri.  Both states have some pretty outrageous laws that you probably don’t know about.  It seems each state has their own craziness in the law books.  In which state is it illegal to serve pretzels and beer at the same time?  We will fill you in. 

Even if you haven’t been to a music festival, I am sure you have found yourself at a place (concert, gatherings, etc.) where you have made some new friends.  A place is making it easier to connect with those randoms you meet at such places.  Find out how.   

Thank you so much, Carrie for joining me today.  I know you will be back soon. 

If you want to sit in as a guest host, please email me at
I have some fun guests coming up and I want everyone to join the party. 

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