Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Snooki The Dancing Queen?!

September 9, 2013

Snooki The Dancing Queen?!

Transitioning from Summer to Fall.  Are you ready to put your flip flops away and break out those boots?  Are you someone that can wear shorts with a sweater?  We weight in without season changing pros and cons. 

The View is starting their new season.  Jenny McCarthy is joining the cast and we may just have to set our DVRs.  Who will be her first guest?  Clue... NKOTB + BF =

A famous bodyguard is dead due to a taser.  Who did he protect and why is he in the news?

We keep talking about it, but so is the rest of the world.... Fifty Shades of Grey casting. We finally make our decision on if we will be seeing the on screen version of our favorite books.

J-Lo and T-Sweezy are an unlikely pairing, but alas they are joining focuses on a song that will be in J-Lo's next album.  What do you think that song with be about?  A long lost boyfriend, dancing the night away or going postal in their local Urban Outfitter. 

Dancing with the Stars has released their line-up and Ashley is so excited.  Who are your favorite contenders this season?  Janet might just have to watch this year. 

American Idol might be alot less drama this year, but Janet thinks it is definitely not lacking the eye candy... three judges this year and we talk about who they are. 

Do you have a true Internet Addiction?  If so, they have a treatment now for you.  Will this be another excuse for people to sit back and be lazy?

20 something’s... 30 something’s... 40 something’s and beyond... we run through a list of things you should know.  Very informational! 

It's our one year anniversary.  Celebrate with us by listening, sharing, loving and drinking some @relaxwines.

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