Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

9/16/2013 A Melt Down Waiting To Happen

September 16, 2013

It's Janet's favorite B and she is back.... it's Britney and she is rumored to be making serious bank for performing in Las Vegas... PLUS... she has a new single that has been released.  Have you heard it?  Do you like it?

Robin Williams is headed to your television... just in case you have missed all of the marketing.  We were excited to see him return, but the reason he is returning kind of surprised us.  When will the man learn that women are evil?!

Beyonce has some fanatic fans. During a recent concert, she was literally pulled off stage.  Did she handle it with grace?  We will let you know. 

Julie Chen, host of Big Brother and The Talk, spoke this week about plastic surgery that she felt she had to have twenty years ago.  Is it the reason she has done so well?  Would you go under the knife for a chance of success?

November 6th is a big night in the Country Music world.... aka Janet's world.  It's been a year since Ashley fell in love with the Zac Brown Band.  It all started with the CMA Awards last year.  This week we go over the nominees for the CMA's and who we think will win.... or who we want to win.  This can be two very different things.

Papa Jim was who Ashley immediately thought of when she read the story about a Utah father that went a little crazy to prove a point to his teen aged daughter.  If you were a teenager, could you forgive your papa for turning into a Daisy Duke Dad?

The Emmy's are next Sunday... set your DVR.  There will be five TV stars remembered during this year's show.  We talk about it and set out calendars.

Sir Elton John has seen alot in his lifetime.  Who could forget his tribute to Princess Diana...? "Candle In The Wind"... the song was originally written for Norma Jean... aka Marilyn Monroe.  Elton has come out and said that he has predicted many celebrity meltdowns that have occurred.  Now he is aiming his crystal ball at Miley.  Do you think he should be making such crazy predictions?  Do you think he is right?  You must admit it; we have all been thinking the same thing about Miley :)

Katy Perry is setting records with her latest single, "Roar".  Find out what records and when her new album is going to be available.... heck, just go pre-order it now. 

Snooki has come a long way since her drunken brawls in 2009 when Jersey Shore first came into our lives.  Do you think she has progressed nicely?  Ashley weighs in with her thoughts on Snooki and the so called transformation.

Ashley and Janet went shopping for new fall candles this weekend.  I guess they are embracing the season upon us, FALL. 

In order to celebrate, we run through 7 Healthy Reasons to Get Excited for Fall.  PSL may or may not be in there. 

Keep Colorado in your thoughts and prayers.  We haven't been affected directly, but so many near us have.  There has been alot of rain and flooding.  Now the rain seems to have passed, but there is alot of recovering to do.

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