Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

All right, All right, All right!!

February 3, 2014

Janet was supposed to be on the road for work this week, so this podcast is pre-recorded but it is just as fun!! 

Ashley introduced Janet to True Detectives last week.  It has one of Janet's crush boys in it.  So she and Ashley are both big fans of this new television show.  The show is on HBO and it may be one of Janet's favorite HBO creations. 

Listen in to hear the five reasons why True Detective might be HBO's greatest drama. 

You are going to be crazy suprised at the list of celebrities that we run through who DON'T drink.

We talk about the productivity level that increases when our men are away.  Women everywhere love to clean and men should appreciate this.  There is a list of why females love to dust and sweep. 

As women, there are some things we all just need to get over. 

We are sure that when men listen to the list of what we need to let go of, they will do nothing but agree. 

Strive to be the best version of yourself and not like anyone else!


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