Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine


September 30, 2013

Oktoberfest and Ashley = some fun times. 

Twitter helped Janet enjoy a recent concert much more.  Do you tweet?  If so, shout at us @2girlsandwine

Twitter is the platform that Blake used to attack the Westboro Baptist Church who has threatened to picket his upcoming show in KC.  Why would they do that and what did smarty Blake say to the crazy church that has been known to picket on the funerals of soilders?

Zac Brown has recently slammed one of Janet's favorite country guys.  What did he say and do you agree?  We weigh in. 

Janet is addicted to getting her nails done and trying to be create but up to date with the colors that she chooses.  She has been wondering of the accent or party nail is still "in".  She has found proof to say if it is?  Are you rocking a party nail?  Which nail and what colors are you wearing for Fall?

Snakes on a plane, snakes in the forest, snakes in your dreams, snakes in your wine???  Seriously?!

Katy Perry - love her or hate her - her life has some great examples of how to live happy. 

Ashley is hitting the road to PA this weekend.  Do you have a special message for Papa Jim?  Safe travels!!

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