Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Beverly Returns.. Bachelor Preparations and More :)

October 5, 2017

My Bachelor loving, country music loving and concert loving friend Beverly and I sit down to catch up.  This podcast was recorded prior to the horrific events in Las Vegas on 10/01/2017, but she and I will be sitting down to discuss our reaction to those events in the future.  


Prayers to all of those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas. 


We are just girls sitting down and catching up.  Thank you for listening but know that we are similar to Facebook, we talk before researching and fact checking.  If you want the real story, Google :)


Thank you so much for listening and share us with your friends.


Follow Amber on her journey by following her Caring Bridge -

She is going to have a long journey but as we cheer her on with prayer and positivity she is going to kick cancer in the ass!!!


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