Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Carrie McCloud - On Fire… Seriously

September 21, 2015
This week’s cohost is the extra ordinary writer and owner of a million pairs of shoes, Carrie McCloud!
What’s New with Carrie:
• Cooking with Carrie
• Vegan Update
• What has been your highlight of the summer?
Each week we take a moment to celebrate a fierce woman in the world.  We call is our Woman Crush of the Week.
Carrie’s Woman Crush of the Week.
Janet’s Woman Crush of the Week.
Two Girls and a Bottle of Wine had another chance for our Denver listeners to see a new movie before it hits theaters. 
Warner Bros’ THE INTERN stars Robert De Niro as a 70 year old widower becoming an intern for an online fashion site founded Anne Hathaway’s character, Jules. Coming to theaters Sept 25th, please find more information below or at
Tomorrow night this lucky listeners get to see the movie:
• Kelli Caldwell
• Tammy Clowers
• Wood Sebastian
• Beverly Purnell
• Riley Purnell
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