Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Empowerment and Mouse Ears

November 18, 2013

This week is a special week and everyone needs to celebrate!  Join us as we celebrate the birth of a special Mouse!!

What Music Are You Listening to?  We discuss what is hot on our playlist and what we should all be listening to.

Music can be empowering.  There is a new song by an artist that many know that should be very empowering to all women.  Which one are we talking about?

Hollywood has painted an unreal picture of what women should be and it might be time to crack that and snap back to reality.

Did you want to be a princess when you were young?  There is a school that is trying to get rid of that mind set in their female students.

Who didn't want to be Cinderella, Belle, Ariel or Jasmine?!  But where will that goal get you in life?  That is why a Kentucky school has a campaign to squash that thinking in young girls.

Women should be taught at a young age to get educated and shape their own futures.  This school has a plan to make that their focus.

Fifty Shades Update - What's the new word with the much anticipated movie?

First an actor drops out, now this... Will we ever actually be able to see Fifty Shades of Grey on the big screen?

We have been drooling over the pics that have been released for the movie and now we have to wait a little longer for the story to play out in theaters.

Janet has embraced Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.... have you?

Valentine's Day and Fifty Shades of Grey... a nice pair. :)

Are they on the rocks or aren't they?  We let you know when it comes to one of the power couples in country music.

Tim and Faith have been together for 17 years?!?!  Is it still smooth sailing?

Why can't happy be a story when it comes to famous people... this couple believes it can! 

Can you believe their oldest daughter, Gracie, is a junior in high school?

Ryan and Rachel – A perfect couple?!  Again?

Mascara can be tricky and so we have some tips on how to master the art of those beautiful lashes.

Facebook and Photos.... what comes to mind?

Is Janet annoying with her posting?

We run down the most annoying Facebook photos to post... remember less is more. 

In life and on FB let's all try to keep the cliché ones to a minimum.

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