Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine


December 9, 2013

It has been cold in Colorado!!  Like -10!  Ashley has returned from Cabo and we gotta talk about her vacation.  It is so good to have her back! 
One of your fav ladies, Leighton Meester will be making her Broadway debut with one of Hollywood's leading men.
Actors make alot of money!!  Who are the most overpaid Actors in Hollywood?  We run who Forbes has listed.
You aren't going to believe what Britney Spears Loves and who she defends.
The Grammy nominations were announced and the media has said there were some surprises!  We go through our favorites and out predictions for the January 26th show!  There is a ginormous list, so we couldn't go through them all.  For a complete list of the nominations, check out this website -
Miley Cyrus has responded to something Jennifer Lawrence said - why can't Miley just shhhhhh!
Brad Pitt has a big birthday coming up on December 18th and you won't believe what Angelina bought Brad to help him celebrate his 50th birthday. 
Are you ready, Ashley?  We talk about some exciting Zac Brown news for TOMORROW!!
Let us not forget that Ashley recently got engaged.  So - we thought we would share some financial tips for newly engaged couples.
Cosmo magazine has opened our eyes to something amazing - Here us talk about WINESTRAWS!!

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