Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Holidays Arrive and So Do The Parties

December 16, 2013

Ashley and Janet had fun filled weekends.  Listen in as we recap. 

Does anyone else get stuck doing all of the decorating?

Cabo pics are coming....

The queen B is smashing records and changing the music industry and we talk about it. 

Janet explains to Ashley what BRO COUNTRY is. 

Ashley hasn't heard of Apple Pie Moonshine?!  Janet educates her and talks about Blueberry Moonshine.

Ashley and Janet both exercise, but there is one exercise that Janet really dislikes.  Ashley is trying to convince her that she needs to change her tune. 

We take a look at one of Hollywood's solid couples and share how they could be role models for married folks.

We all love our technology and we all want a successful marriage.  So we go through some apps that might help your marriage succeed.


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