Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Is That A Baby Bump?

August 6, 2013
Is That A Baby Bump? 
What is Soul Night and is it legal?  Ashley recaps her party weekend.  She may have twisted herself to a wheelchair. 
Could you live a weekend without running water?!  Janet can and she did this last weekend.  She also had several run ins with wild life.  Find out which creature kept crossing her path. 
Simon Cowell is in some hot water for loving the wrong woman.  Will he spend time behind bars for his shameful acts?  Did you even know adultery was against the law?
Jennifer Aniston is making the rounds for her new movie and rumors are flying that she might have special release of her own.  Are you like us and ready for that beautiful woman to reproduce?
Shark Week is upon us and we have found the perfect drinking game for the week full of crazy human eating fish. 
When you decide to tie the knot, will you ban cell phones from your wedding?  Isn’t that just a bit bridezilla-like?
Is it the ultimate selfish move to decide not to have a baby?!  Time Magazine has sure to be controversial issue focused on the topic.  We weigh in… Janet is okay with never having kids.  Does Ashley tell her how selfish she is being?
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