Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Just Like Online Dating - How Do You Pick One

October 7, 2014
Carrie McCloud is back with an all new Podcast.  You can read her blog anytime at

In this week’s Hollywood Happenings – Is a third Sex and the City MOVIE going to be a reality?!? Gosh – I hope so!  We can’t stop talking about weddings and babies as another beautiful Hollywood couple has announced that they will be having a baby.  When you hear who – you won’t be able to disagree that this baby will likely be beautiful.   

Janet’s  Woman Crush of the Week always makes her smile.  Find out who it is and who is Carrie crushing on?!

Fall brings many things – fun boots, Pumpkins Spiced Lattes, AND all new television shows.  Janet shares her favorites.   A list of all of the new shows will be posted on the Two Girls and a Bottle of Wine Facebook (

I am obsessed with food because I love to eat, so that is why I seem to talk about food all the time.  This week I found a list of Foods Doctors Consider to Be Poison… Ugh – Will any of these be a surprise to you?

Cheers and have a great week!!  Next week T-Squared is back in the house.

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