Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Keep the Conversation Going #BlackLivesMatter

June 16, 2020

Netflix Launches Black Lives Matter Collection of Films, TV Shows and Documentaries

9 Podcasts on Racism: Understanding The Black Lives Matter Movement

OWN - Where Do We Go From Here? -

Pride Month
Nickelodeon May Have Just Confirmed What We Knew All Along: SpongeBob SquarePants Is Gay

Matt James Is the New Bachelor!

Hannah Brown Saves a Man From Drowning While White-Water Rafting With Family

CBS is Reportedly Reaching Out to Former ‘Big Brother’ Contestants for Potential All-Star Season This Summer: A Look At How COVID-19 Will Change the Season

THE #GOAT Bachelor - Kaitlin Bristowe - We have so many things to say and so much love for KB!

This and so much more!

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