Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Man, I Feel Like An Aubrey

August 17, 2015
An ALL NEW co-host – Meet AUBREY Wallace!!  It’s always fun getting to know a new co-host.  

NEW MOVIE SCREENING – Learning To Drive 
Two Girls and a Bottle of Wine has another chance for our Denver listeners to see a new movie before it hits theaters.  

Your chance to see Learning to Drive will be September 2 at 7:30PM at the Landmark Greenwood Village.

For your chance to win, send an email with your name to

Watch the Trailer here -

In theaters September 4th

We stop to celebrate fierce women.  So you won’t want to miss our Women Crushes of the!
This Week’s Chatter - 
‘Fake Weddings’ Are the Hot New Way to Plan Your Actual Big Day

The US’ Love for Soda is On the Decline


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