Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

No Longer Cubicle Mates, But Nothing Can Stop This Duo

January 6, 2014

A large part of the United States is in what they are calling a Polar Vortex. It was -3 degrees this morning in Denver. How cold has it been where you are?

Ashley found another day job, so we are no longer cubicle pals. But have no fear, we will still bring you this podcast every Monday.

Now Ashley has the luxury of working from home. Would you work from home, if given the opportunity? Janet thinks it may tamper with her motivation.

Ashley and Janet both received new kitchen "toys" for Christmas. What are they whipping up? Do you have any recipe ideas to share with them?

Frozen is killing it at the box office. It is the first Disney movie that has had a story line that didn't include a male character saving the princess. What are your thoughts on the evolution?

People must be liking it - it brought in $19.6 million in it 7th week.

Since Janet's boyfriend, Steve, is working in the Caribbean, she has found more time on her hands. So what does she do? She starts watching a television show that she has avoided for many years. Find out which one?

Eating disorders are dangerous, especially for young women. KeSha recently checked into rehab to treat such a disorder. Do you know someone that might have an eating disorder? We want to help you - so listen in as we list some warning signs of an eating disorder. For more helpful tips, check out

One of our fav television shows returns tomorrow night! It's Pretty Little Liars. One of the stars has said that she doesn't know why she is on the show... we were shocked, so we had to talk about it.

Were you a viewer of Fresh Prince of Bel Air? We are so sad to hear that the actor that played the role of Uncle Phil has passed away.

We are obsessed with music award shows. The Grammy awards are just around the corner. What is buzzing about one of music's biggest nights?

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