Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Over The Phone But Still Fabulous

January 20, 2014

The Oscar nominations were announced.  Which movies are you cheering for and will the nominations motivate you to watch some of the nominees that you have missed?

Here is the full list of nominees -

The Grammy's are approaching.... this SUNDAY.  You don't want to miss this musical event. 

Some amazing artists are set to perform on one of music's biggest nights. 

Kelly Clarkson has crossed back and forth between genres... but the news we share is far from musical. 

Did you watch NBC's live version of the Sound of Music?  The network seems to view that even as a success, so they are going to try to recreate another classic... LIVE on your television.

We are a few weeks into 2014... How is that New Year's resolution or theme holding up?

If losing weight was your goal for 2014, listen in as we try to provide some assistance. 

Are you a supplement junkie?  Make sure you add one particular supplement to your consumption and we tell you why.

Have a great week!  Thank you for listening!!

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