Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Slap The Bag!

March 2, 2014

SURPRISE... It's Sunday and we are here.  A day early and packed full of fun.
Happy Oscar Sunday!!  We are Two Girls and a Bottle of Wine - so let's talk Wine!
Today we are drinking Barefoot Refresh Perfectly Pink - it's sparkling and sweet.  Love!!!
Drunken people when you are sober can be lame. 
The Oscars are on tonight, so we touch on some interesting numbers related to the Oscars. 
How many words were in the shortest Oscar's acceptance speech ever?  Find that out and some other interesting Oscar facts. 
Ladies Night... it's something we have all be a part of, and there are things that are inevitable.
Girl Dates can be fun and full of drama... we talk about some things that typically happen on a girl’s night.
Don't be one of those girls that are always late because you didn't plan properly and you take forever to get ready.
Tears happen and bathroom selfies... it's life. 
Squealing in unison... it's part of a girl’s night. 
Wine - It's a love/hate relationship.  Listen in and find out what we mean.
We are podcasters and we drink wine.... pardon the slurs.
When Ashley drinks wine, she loves everyone.  Janet... not so much. 
What is slap the bag?
What is the keg stand of wine?
We believe that fast food restaurants should step it up and serve up some wine. 
What kind of wine do you pair with your fast food? 
We have you covered... onion rings, pizza, burgers, tacos and much more.  What wine goes with these?
Where do you seek your nirvana? Sugar, wine, podcasts? :)
We can't be irresponsible... listen in as we talk about the not so serious signs that you drink too much wine.

Hope you have a great week!!


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