Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Stop Being A Robot

February 24, 2014

The Oscar's are NEXT week... where is the time flying? 

We love award season because of the fashion and the fun.  What do you like most about award season?

One of our all-time favorite musical talents is set to perform at the Oscars and we are so freaking excited!!

It will be a fun Oscar night.  Listen in as we run through the nominees for leading female, leading male and best picture. 

We share our predictions for the Oscars... who do you want to wine?

Ashley's wedding planning is in full swing.  When she got engaged one of our fav actresses got engaged and that chick has already run down the aisle.  What's the big rush?

There is a lot of Hollywood news that we run through.  Did we miss anything?

We are shocked to announce that our musical taste is aligning... we are surprised.  We share some of our fav music. 

MOVE REVIEW TIME - "3 Days To Kill".... Janet gives her opinion. 

Ashley steps up on her soap box to tell us to stop trying to be robots. 

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