Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Surprises and Education with T-Squared

April 14, 2015
Surprise – T-Squared has returned!! This week is full of surprises and fun announcements.

T-Squared To Save the Day

T-Squared has an update on one of her previous candidates for Woman Crush of the Week and she lets us know who she is crushing on this week.

Janet’s Woman Crush of the Week is a funny and uncensored lady and comes with a big announcement.

Babies, arrests and moves – It’s Hollywood Happenings!!

Cupcakes and Presents – Celebrity Birthdays for This Week

Question and Answer Fun returns and we are keeping it clean while T-Squared shows how thoughtful and deep she is.

Listen to an all new – T-Squared’s corner – skin care for everyone.

We are here to share our advice in ASK US ANYTHING –

Let’s be happy women – Listen to Habits of Happy Women

Stay tuned, Denver listeners for your chance to win!!


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