Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

The Huge Swing Set That Is Love

May 5, 2014

Ashley is in the middle of preparing the big day with Joey, but the wedding and marriage license aren't a requirement in life.  It's really up to you but there are some successful relationships that have been around for years and marriage hasn't been a part of it. 

If you are married, what is your best marriage advice?  Do you take the advice of successful married people?  Ashley isn't one to take advice from anyone. 

We both love the movie "The Other Woman", but nobody likes a cheater.  We run through a list of different kinds of cheaters.

Once you've been cheated on, it might be hard to trust and come back.  But we will help you out by sharing some good advice.

Happy May!!  We will return next TUESDAY with an all new show.


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