Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Twerkin’ Ain’t Classy

August 26, 2013

Twerkin' Ain't Classy

It's a show full of entertainment news.  So, sit back and get ready for some Hollywood in your face. 

We start by talking about some breaking news about a potential breakup. 

Kelly Clarkson and her fiancee have decided to not have a huge wedding and elope.  Is there a baby on the way?  We will let you know what she says. 

Eva Longoria is just not luck in love.  After a four month relationship, she is back to being single. 

Na na na na na... Batman!!!  The world is pissy about the person that has been chosen to be the next crime fighting super hero... Batman!  What do you think?

MTV did it again... they have the world talking about the 2013 installment of their Video Music award.  Miley, JT, Katie, Lady Gaga... Ashley recaps it all with her take on the crazy night.

"You're Next" hit theaters this weekend, and Janet can finally let you know if it's worth your money. 

Horseradish vodka, late night pizza, Dave Matthews, Snoop Dogg, wedding, and much more made up are busy but fabulous weekends.

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