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It’s Our 2013 Wrap Up

It’s Our 2013 Wrap Up

December 30, 2013

Britney Spears started performing in Vegas over the weekend.  She is set to do 50 shows each in 2014 and 2015 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. We talk about why her show is different from other acts that have performed in Sin City.

Who has announced retirement and causes us to celebrate?  We hope it's for real, but chances are it is just a tease.

Taylor Swift has hinted at a “Reinvention”.  What do you think the new Taylor will be?

We have talked about crazy baby names in the past, but a recent new one prompts us to recap the Craziest Baby Names of 2013

There are some mighty wealthy women in the music industry... who was the Highest Paid Females in 2013?  No need to guess long, we go through the top ten.

It's hard to not keep track of the relationships in Hollywood.  They are thrown in our face.  So we talk about the Hookups and Breakups that were most talked about in 2013.

We love food, but we realize that we don't follow what is HOT when it comes to food as we review the 2013 Food Trends.

Have you ever had a CRONUT?  If so, we are jealous!!

This year Janet has chosen to go for a New Year's theme, rather than a resolution... what is her theme and what does Ashley decide to do for the New Year?

If you are going to choose a resolution for 2014, we are helping you out by letting you know which New Year’s Resolutions don’t suck.

Weight loss and Exercise are among the top New Year's resolutions.  So, if that is your goal, we have some tips to help you keep yours. 

We had a fantastic year and that is because of all of you that listened in and gave us your support.  THANK YOU!! 

We hope you have a fabulous 2014.

Holidays Arrive and So Do The Parties

Holidays Arrive and So Do The Parties

December 16, 2013

Ashley and Janet had fun filled weekends.  Listen in as we recap. 

Does anyone else get stuck doing all of the decorating?

Cabo pics are coming....

The queen B is smashing records and changing the music industry and we talk about it. 

Janet explains to Ashley what BRO COUNTRY is. 

Ashley hasn't heard of Apple Pie Moonshine?!  Janet educates her and talks about Blueberry Moonshine.

Ashley and Janet both exercise, but there is one exercise that Janet really dislikes.  Ashley is trying to convince her that she needs to change her tune. 

We take a look at one of Hollywood's solid couples and share how they could be role models for married folks.

We all love our technology and we all want a successful marriage.  So we go through some apps that might help your marriage succeed.




December 9, 2013

It has been cold in Colorado!!  Like -10!  Ashley has returned from Cabo and we gotta talk about her vacation.  It is so good to have her back! 
One of your fav ladies, Leighton Meester will be making her Broadway debut with one of Hollywood's leading men.
Actors make alot of money!!  Who are the most overpaid Actors in Hollywood?  We run who Forbes has listed.
You aren't going to believe what Britney Spears Loves and who she defends.
The Grammy nominations were announced and the media has said there were some surprises!  We go through our favorites and out predictions for the January 26th show!  There is a ginormous list, so we couldn't go through them all.  For a complete list of the nominations, check out this website -
Miley Cyrus has responded to something Jennifer Lawrence said - why can't Miley just shhhhhh!
Brad Pitt has a big birthday coming up on December 18th and you won't believe what Angelina bought Brad to help him celebrate his 50th birthday. 
Are you ready, Ashley?  We talk about some exciting Zac Brown news for TOMORROW!!
Let us not forget that Ashley recently got engaged.  So - we thought we would share some financial tips for newly engaged couples.
Cosmo magazine has opened our eyes to something amazing - Here us talk about WINESTRAWS!!

Snap Out Of That Food Coma

Snap Out Of That Food Coma

December 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Britney Spears.  It's a great excuse to combine cupcakes and wine.  Join us, won't you?!

Ashley is taking a break and is currently relaxing on a beach in Mexico.  But we still deliver.

Are you still in a food coma?  We will help you snap out of that nonsense.

Taylor Swift was recently spotted with a new boy in a bar.  He is really good looking, according to Ashley.  Will she churn and burn this one?

They are remaking Romeo and Juliet... So exciting.  There are so pretty amazing stars that will be in the movie. 

Liam Hemsworth has been promoting the latest Hunger Games movie and along the way he has hinted about how amazing his life is now that he is single. 

Jennifer Lawrence is a breath of fresh air because she doesn't gab about her personal life. 

Congrats to Kelly Clarkson and her husband.  They have a bundle of joy on the way.  Reba as a grandma... That is one hot grandma!!

Ashley is engaged at the same time as Blair Waldorf... a.k.a. Leighton Meester.  Leighton recently got engaged to Adam Brody, from the OC. 

Do you think that Ashley will succeed in having her wedding on the same day as our Gossip Girl fav?

NOW HIRING - Minions... Ashley needs some help planning this wedding. 

We work together and thought it would be very fitting to list some hilarious unspoken rules for female office etiquette.

Week two of Ashley's engagement... we are all still celebrating. 

Ashley is thinking about her engagement photo and Janet thinks that Cobo is the perfect back drop.  She urges Ashley to just do it. 

In order to help Ashley pull off the right engagement photo - we go through 7 Do's and Don’ts of the Engagement Photo.

Ashley usually likes things to be all about her, but she has been much more mellow and trying to not be the obnoxious engaged girl. 

Time is freaking flying... Christmas is 23 days away. 

Janet has encountered her first ridiculous Christmas gift debacle.... but she is working on being Super Aunt!

Don't let yourself get out of hand... think before you spend.

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